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adult bully test - John Espizedo - Bullied Bi Cuckolds 9 (2010)

Typically, the adult bully can get along well with children but not other adults unless the adults are kept at a distance. Most adult serial bullies seem fun, witty, humorous and charming. However, in a blink of an eye they can turn vial and mean. Because of this behavior, they can lose friends as fast as they make them. The Attention-Seeker. This interactive quiz will determine how people react in a social situation. There are four results to the quiz: bully, victim, passive bystander, an active bystander. Take the quiz to find out your fate, and don't forget to answer honestly!

But ignoring their bully behaviors isn’t an option, either. It only reinforces their tendencies. So in order to be properly prepared for adult bullies, we have to brush up on our high school skills. We need to 1) know how to spot adult bullies and 2) figure out how to handle them. So let’s roll. Answer 29 questions about yourself and let this quiz tell you whether you're actually a bully, or not! The answer may surprise you, especially if no one else has referred to you as a bully just yet. Fun. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously:).

An adult bully is sometimes the most difficult to deal with, especially when they are in our workplaces or other environments where we have to put up with their antics on a daily basis. The signs are clear—seeking attention, putting others down, getting in your face, demonstrating passive aggressive behavior, or simply always wanting to argue. An adult bully can be an intimidating boss or colleague, a controlling romantic partner, an unruly neighbor, a high pressure sales/business representative, a condescending family .