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The Comics Code, imposed in , was the set of standards comics publishers pledged to adhere to when their stories were being written and initially forbade a wide swath of content, including just about all the elements of horror stories. The Code was relaxed for the first time in , allowing for stories of werewolves, vampires and other monsters. Russian cartoons typically employ basic vocabulary and are full of humor, making them an entertaining resource for Russian language learners of all skill levels. Despite the simple style, you'll likely pick up a number of new words or phrases.

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Bubble Comics is the largest Russian comic book publisher which was founded in It is the only publishing house in Russia which monthly produces original non-franchised comic books. For 5 years, the publisher had released more than comic book issues for 10 different titles, including Demonslayer, Major Grom, Red Fury. The orgy of rape by Soviet troops was far greater than at first believed. Even Russian women and young girls, newly liberated from German concentration camps in Poland and in Germany, were brutally violated. The thousands of Russian women taken to Germany .