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adult fiction nc 17 - Better than fiction scene 2

on the Richter Scale by Saber ShadowKitten (NC) Angel/Spike, Spike is horny, Angel is annoyed, an earthquake happens, smut ensues.; A. A Chuisle Mo Chroí by Meg (NC) William/Angelus, Spike/Angel, A single tender moment comes back to haunt Spike.; A Kiss Before Dying by Saber ShadowKitten (NC) William/Angelus, A simple tale of a turning. Fanfic stories: Rated R - NC These stories do contain adult content and are not suitable for children under the age of 18! R: Parental consent required for reading by anyone under the age of 18; stories may contain descriptions of sexual intercourse but will probably not be fully explicit.

A Different Light by dreamweaver Rated: NC • Reviews Summary: During the fight over the Gem of Amara, Buffy and Spike get pulled into another dimension. Winner of Best Saga at the Spuffy Awards, Best Buffy Characterization at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, and Judges' Choice Winner at the Rogue Poet Awards! Rating: NC Summary: Tara decides she can never trust Willow ever again and Buffy realizes Tara needs special protection. Destiny's Entwined. Grouping: Buffy/Tara/Faith. Rating: NC Summary: New slayer arrives on the scene, a bleached blonde vampire re-appears and the Vessel with her two warriors cause headaches for all of demon kind.

Oct 03,  · Elu Meril - Elu Meril is a personal site created for housing my Lord of the Rings NC slash fiction. It has since evolved into a house for more then that, but still its main purpose is Fanfiction and the whole site shows that with the LotR design. The End Is Coming - The End Is Coming Are You Prepared? Peter Greenaway's insane post-apocalyptic film was either NC or unrated in the United States, I'm not sure which. It does feature a man being more or .