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Evil-Lyn's Truth. ONE. The dark room seemed to get colder as the thick black blanket was pulled away from the long-hidden ram's head staff. A thin blue hand reached out from under raggedy black robes and grabbed the long handle, snatching it off of its stone bed where it had laid unmolested for a decade. is not in any way associated with or related to (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the by its members.

"He-Man! Thank grayskull",Teela said. He-Man asked,"Teela are you alright? Teela gives He-Man a thumbs up. Soon Man-E-Faces removes the tree off of himself. "Man-E see to Ram Man",He-Man said. The pale woman slowly approaches,she looks at him with a hunger. He-Man prepares himself but the woman stops and just stares. "So the mighty He-Man in. In fact, the only real difference between He-Man and an 'adult Naruto' would be the size of him, his musculature, the fact that he no longer had whisker marks on his cheeks, and also his sense of dress. He-Man of the old had worn a simple chest plate with his symbol imprinted upon it .

Duncan looked in He-Man's direction and saw the frown on the Champion's face and he nodded. "All right, but be careful," he told his daughter. Teela nodded and waved as she mounted her sky sled. "We'll go with you," Stratos said as he and Buzz-Off took off and followed her when she lifted off the ground. Dec 05,  · He-Man and She-Ra: Christmas Special» by PerkyGoth14 Cherry and her friends are invited to Planet Eternia to see Prince Adam and Princess Adora again which happens to be very close to Christmastime. While there, there are some holiday hijinks that go on which seem to spell disaster when Orko is the cause of the trouble and ends up in the middle of Earth with Rodan, so the others must .