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The Irish Terrier is the oldest of the four Terrier breeds from Ireland. The ban on ear-cropping that is recognized today in the UK was first pushed by the Irish Terrier Club in the s. The Club first persuaded The Kennel Club to bar any Irish Terriers with cropped ears from competing. The Irish Terrier is a bold, intelligent dog with a personality reflective of his heritage as a companion, protector, and hunter. He is a devoted family friend, watchdog, and tireless worker. He is independent and can seem fearless.

The Irish Terrier has a graceful, racy outline, with a moderately long body. Sturdy and strong in substance, the Irish Terrier is also active and lithe in movement. This is an all-round terrier that combines speed, endurance, agility, and power to perform a great variety of jobs. Irish Terrier The Irish Terrier dog breed was once described as the “poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend, and the gentleman’s favorite.” Rugged and stouthearted, they have the advantages of .

Irish Terriers are the prototype of a long-legged terrier. Standing about 18 inches at the shoulder, they’re sturdy but lithe and graceful. Every line of the body is eye-catching, and the overall Temperament: Bold, Dashing, Tenderhearted. The Irish Terrier: active, stubborn, playful--and like most terriers, a complete handful if not properly trained. Overall Irish Terrier care and maintenance will take a moderate amount of work, and will need to include daily exercise and some early training and socialization.