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Himitsu no Bus Tour Chapter 1 – TripleSevenScans We are a Scanlation Group specializing in Ecchi and Adult manga! We translate popular manga chapters to English that has not been . January 1, If you're new to the site, you may wish to check out the project guide for recommendations from other yuri manga fans, lists of our projects by artist and category, and lists of Yuri Hime series. For yuri manga scanlations by other groups, see our links page, particularly the Dynasty Reader. If you're new to manga, you may find the "Common titles" section of this .

Read Manga Online. Most popular manga scanlations read online for free at mangafox, as well as a close-knit community to chat and make friends. Top speed, completely free. Enjoy~ will coming next! Subscribe to be Updated. Latest Manga Chapters Feed. GENRES. Action (9) Adaptation (2) Adult (0).

Jun 07,  · Manga, Scanlation, and The Curious Case of The ‘Pirating’ Anti-Piracy Advocate. Spotify also has pirate roots, and so has the largest online adult . ShoujoMagic. ShoujoMagic is a shoujo-oriented scanlation group which scanlates manga from genres ranging from typical shoujo to more adult shoujo manga. ShoujoMagic is one of the largest groups to ever grace the scanlation scene. At its peak, the group had over seventy active or complete projects under its belt with over fifty new projects planned.