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Setting up a pay per view website involves creating content, allowing only paying visitors to view the content, and testing the pay per view features. A pay per view website can be used for any type of content, including documents such as e-books or reports, video and audio. Pay per view websites charge visitors to view content. Set Up A Pay Per View Site. Upload your video or create a new live stream with StreamingVideoProvider; Type a price and connect your preferred payment gateway; Copy/paste the embed code to your site (Wordpress, Wix, etc.).

“OT4G is a blog for horny girls everywhere,” the site claims. “It’s a place to get educated, reassured and maybe even turned on and sometimes all three at once.” To date, the blog has. Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software is always a better solution than having a web site of this magnitude built from the ground up, although we do offer custom builds, it still makes more sense to go with pre-built adult video chat software, and simply customize it .

* Membership CMS – upload photo or video content and product it under a simple membership system sell content with many popular adult billing companies. * Video on Demand (VOD) Software – sell video or photo content – pay per view – users can watch or download content for a set price and time period you determine. Movie sites, or cable network websites, often offer pay-per-view videos. The idea behind pay-per-view, is to charge a user some amount of money, to view the content. On a usual pay-per-view video website, when a user visits the website he is often shown a preview of the video.