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adult recreation volleyball rules - Recreational Vehicle 2 MC169

ADULT VOLLEYBALL RULES Rules of Play 1. Teams will play 3 games to 21 with scoring cap at 25 using “Rally Scoring.” If teams are not separated by 2 points when the first team reaches 21 points the game will continue until a team has 2 point advantage or a team reaches 25 points. Adult Volleyball Leagues Rules and Regulations Administrative Regulations and Information The following Adult Volleyball Leagues shall be governed by these rules and regulations: a. Coed A and Coed B b. Men’s c. Women’s Qualifications for participation in Adult Volleyball Leagues is based on the following criteria: a.

ADULT RECREATION VOLLEYBALL RULES 1. Official USA rules will be in effect with the following points to be emphasized and with the following exceptions: 2. All LAR volleyball leagues are self-officiated. 3. Teams must have at least 2 players to begin a match, and games will start exactly on time as scheduled (game time is forfeit time). Mixed. Some of the main differences in rules for recreational coed volleyball are related to the height of the net, where on the court men are allowed to hit from, blocking rules, the requirement of having a minimum number of female players on the court, and playing positions (referred to as reverse coed or reverse sixes).