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Jan 04,  · If you’re going back to college as an adult, you may be eligible for grants and scholarships for returning students. In fact, nontraditional college attendees are eligible for both financial aid and low-rate federal loans. ASIST Scholarship Offered by Executive Women International, the Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) Scholarship is given to adults who want to pursue postsecondary education in an.

Jan 25,  · These scholarships could help reduce your costs and prevent you from borrowing more federal or private student loans than necessary. Besides pursuing private college grants for women, make sure to submit the FAFSA to put yourself in the running for federal financial aid. For more information, check out our guide for all adults returning to school. There are also scholarships available specifically to adult learners going back to school. Peterson’s, an educational services company dedicated to furthering education, compiled a list of 15 scholarships exclusively available to adult learners.

Increasingly, mainstream scholarship awards include (either expressly stated or not) for adults and non-traditional students returning to college either for the first, second, or even third time. That’s because colleges and universities are undergoing an evolution in the 21st century, and responding to new marketplace demands for upgraded. Mar 12,  · Adult scholarships may offset the cost of tuition, fees, books.