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Feb 11,  · Sex therapists uncover the desires behind fantasies of threesomes, bondage, spanking, and more. Start Slideshow 1 of or simply calling the shots on positions. This type of . May 25,  · Spanking is so popular in Britain that it's practically a national hobby, with high-flying men dropping their trousers for a good thrashing up and down the country. Here, George McCoy, who has.

What Kind Of Spanking Do I Deserve? 10 Questions - Developed by: Eminem Lover - Developed on: - 32, taken - 45 people like it Been a bad boy or girl, have you? Mar 26,  · The over the knee or OTK position is the timeless classic for a spanking. It is such an intimate position. Whilst undoubtedly a painful experience for the naughty miscreant being spanked it .

The First Spanking Beginner Spankings Spanking Implements Spanking Positions Over or Under the Clothes Frequently Asked Questions Ready to Get Started? BEGINNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: BROUGHT TO YOU BY LEARNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE What is Domestic Discipline? If you look on 10 different domestic discipline websites that. I climbed up and took position, face down, between her legs, backed up with knees nearly to the headboard. I opened my legs as directed. She said "further", I obeyed and spread open to the max. I could feel cool air on my exposed asshole. I was immobile and vulnerable. She began the spanking with bare hands giving me medium swats as a warm up.