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Jun 16,  · And so while there's just one star in the embryonic stem cell universe, a whole constellation of adult stem cell drugs could be just around the corner. First Published: June 16, Stem Cell Treatments Due to the ability of adult stem cells to be harvested from the patient, their therapeutic potential is the focus of much research. Adult stem cells, similar to embryonic stem.

Nov 21,  · In contrast to adult stem cells, there is currently no validated, successful patient treatment due to embryonic stem cells despite funding and research spanning a decade and a half. [i] Gratwohl A et al., One million haematopoietic stem-cell . Jan 30,  · Adult stem cells There are stem cells in our bone marrow, brain, babies' cord blood, skin and liver - but few of them. They sit quietly until an injury, and then divide to .

Feb 23,  · The greatest advances in stem-cell research so far have come through adult stem-cell research: Dozens of therapeutic uses have been developed and are currently in use. And the discovery of amniotic stem cells . Jan 01,  · Money spent on embryonic-stem-cell research and human cloning is money that cannot be spent on [investigating] adult stem cells." If Kelly is right, increasing funding for embryonic-stem-cell research, especially if it comes at the expense of adult .