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Asian Americans have been involved in the entertainment industry since the first half of the 19th century, when Chang and Eng Bunker (the original "Siamese Twins") became naturalized citizens. Acting roles in television, film, and theater were relatively few, and many available roles were for narrow, stereotypical characters. Early Asian American actors such as Sessue Hayakawa, Anna May Wong. 1. Shu Qi 20th Century Fox. While her name may not be as well known as the aforementioned, Qi featured in a very big movie with a certain Jason Statham - yes, in The Transporter.

Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American movie star, was born Wong Liu Tsong on January 3, , in Los Angeles, California, to laundryman Wong Sam Sing and his wife, Lee Gon Toy. A third-generation American, she managed to have a substantial acting career during a deeply racist time when the Top 10 Asian American Actors 1. TOP 10 ASIAN AMERICAN ACTORS/ACTRESSESBy Mitch MaiersAMCULT 2. IntroductionThis is the a list of the top 10 Asian American actors/actresses in the United StatesEven though there are not many Asian American actors/actresses in American movies, there are still a few that have been very successfulThis .