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Apr 11,  · The most common piercings that employers tend to be concerned with are facial piercings. The general rule for taking out body jewelry is to wait until the piercing is completely healed. Never remove or change body jewelry from a piercing during the healing period without the assistance of your body piercer. Safety Topic/Article: Article Text. Ritual or decorative body piercing is extremely popular as a form of self-expression. Different types of materials are used to make dermal or body piercing jewelry including ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic metals, as well as nonmetallic materials. The presence of body piercing jewelry that is made from ferromagnetic or conductive material may .

May 26,  · Risks and Symptoms of Getting a Facial Piercing. All body and facial piercings carry some type of risks. Today, we will discuss the risks associated with facial piercings. Facial Piercing Risks For the lip piercings: Your Teeth can Wear Out. Since the jewelry will most likely rub on some of your teeth, the risk of your teeth wearing can be a. Aug 07,  · I may not have any visible tattoos and/or facial piercings, but I think those who have them should be allowed to have a job and keep it because of their work ethic. If it bothers someone to the point of wanting them to leave the workplace, ask if they'd be willing to move to a different location so they're not in eye-sight of anyone who is in.

Sterilization is the simplest route to safe face piercing. Sterilization is exceptionally critical in face piercing – the face piercing zone need to be clean, the piercer’s hands need to be clean, the equipment utilized need to be clean, and the face piercings needle must be clean. Nose piercings. Nose piercing; Upper nostril piercing; Nasallang piercing(s) Septum piercing; Bridge piercing(s) Septril piercing(s) Rhino piercing; Austin bar piercing; Third-eye piercing; Facial piercings. Anti-eyebrow; Cheek/dimple piercing; Eyebrow piercing; Horizontal eyebrow piercing; Mandible piercing(s) Diver dermal; Lip Piercings.