use condom my dic - using condom and pill


using condom and pill - use condom my dic

May 06,  · Just know that if you’re going to use condoms, using them properly is very important, just like using your pill is. Proper use includes a condom being used from start to finish with sexual activities, not being put on or taken off halfway through. Again, there are no have-to’s Heather Corinna. Condoms are not used with some EXTRA (more than is on the condom) latex-safe lubricant: that's particularly important when on the pill, too, since it thickens cervical mucus and also can cause some vaginal dryness.

Jul 16,  · Birth control pills are % effective. Since you have been taking it consistently st the same time every day, your chance of being pregnant is at %. Plus, having a secondary form of contraceptive by using condoms adjunct to your pills, would really put you at an extremely low chance of getting pregnant, as you made mention. Nothing is %, but by using condoms and the PILL you will be getting about as close as someone can get! Some people also use spermicides, or sponges with the pill, so what you and your g/f are doing is not unusual =) How wonderful that you both have taken time to discuss things, and are ready! I have always liked Lifestyles condoms.

Aug 01,  · From an overall protection standpoint, the best option is to use the birth control pill and condoms whenever you have sex. Using condoms and the pill at the same time further lowers your risk of becoming pregnant, all while protecting you from most STDs. Learn More About Birth Control Are you considering using the pill? Oct 26,  · If you are, then it's okay for you, according to you, to use the pill alone when it comes to preventing pregnancy. If you're still on the fence and want a comparison, let's do the same math once you add a condom. Condoms are 98% effective in perfect use and 85% effective in typical use.