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Dec 11,  · The surgical options include the following: Direct Reanastomosis or Nerve Graft – During this procedure, the ends of the damaged nerves are connected to the Temporalis Tendon Transfer (T3) – The procedure helps to restore the movement of . May 29,  · Lower face: Static sling to raise the corner of the mouth at rest using tissue from the thigh or artificial tissue such as Gore-Tex Facelift Lower lip wedge resection/surgical removal.

Sep 17,  · How is facial paralysis treated? Bell’s palsy. The vast majority of people with Bell’s palsy will fully recover on their own, with or without treatment. Stroke. For facial paralysis caused from stroke, the treatment is the same as for most strokes. If the stroke was very Other facial paralysis. Author: Danielle Moores. These facial paralysis FAQs answer your questions about treatment, Bell's palsy, synkinesis, and more. Can an injured facial nerve be repaired? Yes. Depending on where the nerve is injured, we can use surgery, like nerve grafts, to reconnect healthy nerves to muscles.

Jul 16,  · Facial paralysis happens when something interrupts the nerve signals between the brain and the muscles in the face. Facial paralysis is a symptom of Author: Amanda Barrell. Oct 16,  · You might be prescribed the following: Anti-inflammatory: your doctor may prescribe prednisone, a corticosteroid specific for the facial nerve inflammation in Anti-virals: if the doctor suspects that the facial paralysis could be caused by a nasty viral infection, they can Analgesics: are.