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who invented the fist sail - Pushing in the Fist

Feb 01,  · Though its exact origin is unknown, the lateen sail is the earliest-known fore-and-aft rigged sail and was in use in Greece in the first century BC. It is believed to have been introduced to the Mediterranean region by Arabic or Persian bottomed.xyz: Jamey Bergman. A lot of evidence indicates that the first large sailing ships appeared in Egypt, and the Nile was the first high-water river on which river shipping began to develop. Every year from July to November, the mighty river's banks overflowed, flooding the whole country with its waters.

Dec 16,  · Her name was Mary. He took great pleasure in sailing her up and down the Thames. He studied navigation and even naval architecture and he built approximately 20 yachts during his lifetime. It can be said that he was the world’s first yachtsman.