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Nov 09,  · Dick Powell’s epic ‘The Conqueror’, however, was such a movie – a fatally miscast and directionless bore that forever tarnished the career of star John Wayne, bankrupted RKO Pictures and potentially contributed to the deaths of scores of its own cast and crew. Nobody sets out to make a bad movie, let alone one of the most critically reviled movies of all time, so . Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler, (supporting James Cagney and Joan Blondell), teamed with Busby Berkeley for By A Waterfall and Honeymoon Hotel in Footlight Parade from Warners in October, , and Powell got his first starring role the next month in .

Mother of Dick Powell Jr., and Pamela Powell from her marriage to Dick Powell. Separated from Powell once when she fell in love with actor Alan Ladd during filming of The McConnell Story (). Ladd was also married at the time. Very seldom was able to break out of her spry "goody two shoes" types. In , Dick Powell portrayed Phillip Marlowe in the movie "Murder My Sweet" based on Raymond Chandler's novel "Farewell My Lovely". This was a radical departure in character for Mr. Powell from a Hollywood song and dance man to a hard-boiled detective.

By this time, she had married and had two children with her first husband, actor Dick Powell. Though the marriage had difficult moments, the couple remained together until Powell's death in The year Powell died, Allyson married his barber, . [35] The Dick Powell Show: THE SEA WITCH (verified on film) ct62 NBC Tue. Executive Producer Dick Powell Produced by Aaron Spelling / Associate Producer Richard Newton. Written by Allen H. Miner and Cecil Smith. Directed by John Peyser. Hosted by Dick Powell (NOT starring) guest stars. Carolyn Jones.. Cleo Plowright. Harry Guardino.